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Why study the Bible online with the NZCSB?

      Because we can help you know God and please Him! We truly believe that the Bible we hold in our hands is the very word of God.  This book is our final authority in ALL matters of faith and practice.  We don't correct it - we let it correct us.  This is the book that changed our lives.  We know by experience that by digging into it YOU too will find the answers to life's challenges and the strength from God to live a life pleasing to our Creator.
      We are not out for your money and our goal is not to help you win your next Bible trivia quiz night.  With the help of God's Spirit, any believer willing to study  can see God revealed through the Scriptures and grow in a real and personal relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ.  THIS is why we developed the NZCSB self-study system!
Highlights of the online version of the New Zealand Correspondence School of the Bible:

  • All lessons are keyed to the King James Bible
  • We take a literal approach to Scripture emphasizing the importance of taking the Bible at face value, in its context
  • We stress the importance of comparing scripture with scripture as the Holy Spirit's designated method of instruction (I Cor. 2:13)
  • We recognize that God's word must be rightly divided (II Tim. 2:15) if the student is to find the meaning of the word of truth
  • All lessons use a verse-by-verse method of study that will eventually lead the student through every verse of the entire word of God
  • Each lesson has appropriate quizzes and tests to assist the student in learning the material covered - these are graded automatically in real time
  • Seven-day free trial with monthly plan option
  • PDF download of each lesson is available
  • Online forum for our students

What our students say about us

Thank you for creating these Bible studies. I am very much enjoying the strongly Bible-based learning.
Rebecca T
I want to praise the Lord for the great blessing this course is to me.  It's especially helpful to a new Christian like myself.  Thank the Lord for giving you the wisdom and strength to complete such a tool.
James S