Frequently Asked Questions
NZ Correspondence School of the Bible

What angle are you coming from?

Jeff Williams has been an independent Baptist missionary pastor and church planter in New Zealand for over thirty years.  His ministry has focused on teaching people what the Bible actually says and challenging them to obey it and apply it to their own lives.   Our materials are King James Bible based, moderately dispensational and non-Calvinistic.  We believe the best interpreter of Scripture is the Bible itself and that with a humble heart and the Holy Spirit's help, any believer can understand God's word.

What do you offer that I can't get with other online Bible courses?

Rather than telling you what we think the Bible means, our goal is to help you to see what it actually says!  You will not be bamboozled with Greek and Hebrew words, but challenged to compare scripture with scripture.  Proper context and rightly dividing the word of truth will always be noted as the key to arriving at a proper understanding of any verse.  Once we understand the doctrine of a passage, then we are able to make practical applications to our lives!  Each lesson comes with simple quizzes and exams that will help you remember what you have learned.   We offer a total package over every book of the Bible that has been proven in the field over three decades - a course that has borne the fruit of souls saved, believers strengthened and churches planted.

How long will it take and how much will it cost?

Our students vary tremendously in ability, motivation and goals.   Some can zip through a lesson in 20 minutes while others want to dig into the word, chase down the cross-references and take notes.  So the length of time needed to complete the entire NZCSB course really is totally in your hands!   
As of November 2022, the first 121 of roughly 375 lessons are presently available with new lessons being added weekly.  The NZCSB online course has two payment options.  Both options include ALL present and future lessons.  Both options include the exact same material! You can either pay ONCE or pay MONTHLY.   Hit the OUR COURSE tab at the top of this page to see the current fees.

Can this course be used in homeschooling?   In Sunday School?

Our Line Upon Line Bible study system in hardback form has been used by hundreds of families around the world and in many Christian schools as a high school level Bible curriculum.    This course is also used at the Bible institute level and in Sunday School settings for study over individual books of the Bible.  In this online format, all quizzes and tests are auto-graded.  Monitoring the self-study progress of individual students is a breeze!

Can I download these lessons?

Yes!  Each time you begin a new lesson you will be given the option to download the bulk of the material that you are studying as a pdf file.  This allows our students to study from paper if they wish or to have a copy of the information for future reference.  Keep this up and you'll have your own commentary over the entire Bible!

Can I take notes?

Yes!  Each online lesson comes with a note widget that allows you to highlight material in your lesson and to insert your own notes right onto the computer screen and into your lesson.   Since our lessons are full of questions and cross-references to look up, this function is incredibly helpful.  Of course, you can also get a pen and some Bible markers and take notes in your own Bible or on paper as well!

I don't think I can afford your course?

We all can afford the things we truly value.   Experience has shown us that when a student has no skin in the game and we offer our lessons at zero cost, that there is little motivation to study faithfully and to do well.  We offer a postal version of this course to NZ residents tuition free, but we still require them to pay the postage to and from us - an amount actually more expensive than our monthly subscription fee for this online course!
If you do not have a credit card or would prefer to pay only postage, please contact us about signing up for the postal version of the New Zealand Correspondence School of the Bible.